Product 產品介紹
Product 產品介紹
The diesel generating set uses fossil fuel will be a challenge to be complied with the strict emission standards for the control emission of HC,CO,NOx and particulate matter.

The generating set uses BASF catalyst system could help to reduce CO,VOCs for control emission in a good condition.

And BASF catalyst is available for installing at high particle producing equipment like the wood burned boiler. Over the years BASF catalyst has been overcoming various challenges successfully
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BASF realizes customers and environmental standards, but we do need continuation in making low-price, and keeping high performance. To further preparing and getting ready to quote for the challenge, BASF research for many years and find a solution.

We solve the complex emission problem and always study new skills to be helping customers gaining economically benefits.

A thousand of BASF high performance & low maintenance catalyst have been using in the power generation industry and other areas around the world.

Ours scope of supply complete with CO catalyst, VOC catalyst, SCR, and Nitrogen oxides.

BASF is one of leading catalyst suppliers for the power generation industry. We have been servicing the power generation industry for over 20 years with nearly 700 units operating or under construction

Our breadth of experience encompasses virtually every make, model and engine configuration. More than 300 units are six to ten years old and over 200 units are greater than ten years old.

No one else in the industry approaches the durability or number of installation of BASF oxidation catalyst for the power generation industry.

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